5 Car Tricks That Can Save You From Big Trouble One Day

Every day, motorists are seeking help on different automotive forums seeking solutions. For instance what is the reason why there is cold cool air inside the glove compartment while the car is heated? Car drivers with plenty of experience will share their expertise and share their techniques in solving certain issues and describe what you can do in different situations of emergency.

we compiled 5 tips for cars that we believe are beneficial for every car owner. Also, at the close of the article, you’ll get an additional tip that can aid you in defending yourself against thieves who steal cars.

5. Make use of the glove compartment as fridge.

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In many contemporary automobiles, you’ll discover something extra inside the glove compartment. There’s a vent you can open to let cool air out of the air conditioner in the. You cannot keep a steak frozen inside the glove compartment, however, you can utilize this function to cool beverages or to store sandwiches while you’re on the move.

Many argue about the value of this fridge is. Some people believe it’s a waste of space inside the fridge, while others feel it’s useful. There are people who buy specially-designed pipe to build refrigerators in their car.

4. Telescopic wheel wrench

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If you’re looking to replace a wheel then the wrench to the right is the most effective tool. It can be made longer through the use of a tube, and making it the adjustable wheel wrenchIt’s much easier to make use of yourself weights to loosen from the nuts.

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3. Screw the tire to drive it to the mechanic.

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If you’ve had some experience driving, you’re probably familiar with situations when another motorist is pointing at your tire telling you that there’s the possibility of air loss. Not everyone has an exclusive repair kit inside their trunk, which is why we need to take off the entire wheel in order to be capable of driving.

It is possible to use a screw to seal the leak, at least for an indefinite period as illustrated in the photo. But be aware that this is only temporary fix — it’s best to contact an expert as quickly as you can.

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2. Create a solution from the two: antifreeze and water.

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In the warmer months most people are looking to cut costs, so they make use of regular water instead of antifreeze to clean the windshield. But it is important to know that when winter comes and the tank inside your car may deform, or even break.

Some drivers of cars use antifreeze when the temperature drops below zero in the night. In the daytime, when the temperature rises over zero degrees, the fluid begins to smell. To avoid destroying the tank, create an alternative:

  • 0.5 grams of anti-freeze need to mix with 0.25 Gallons of water that has been distilled.

This will ensure that you have enough antifreeze, and you won’t harm the tank.

1. Make use of a screwdriver to add oil into the vehicle.

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If you’re worried about spilling oil, you can use the screwdriver. It’s the exact principle that you use an ordinary Bar spoon to serve cocktails. This is even more beneficial since washing a screwdriver in the aftermath of this method is actually easy.

Bonus: A novel thing that thieves do while driving

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As you may have observed, the image above doesn’t feature an actual nail or screw or a nail, but rather the tube. If the tire were pierced using a screw hole would be sealed and you could go for a long distance using it, but the tube allows air to escape the tire quickly and that’s the main reason.

What happens and how it’s completed: Robbers do it in the night, when there is hardly any traffic. They pick a few bumpy spots on the road , where they set up a special device that has tubes of metal and wait in a secluded area. When a vehicle passes over the location using the device, the thieves follow the vehicle until the driver pulls off to inspect the tires.

How does it go? The driver notices the damaged tire, pulls out his wrench, jack and the spare , and begins replacing the tires. As the motorist is working then the robbers take everything inside the vehicle. Who shuts down a car in a deserted street while you’re just next to it?

Sometimes, thieves offer to assistance. They do this to try to get your attention away from somebody else steals from you. Be careful!

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