5 Theft Tricks You’d Better Know to Keep Your Car Safe

According to data provided by the Russian traffic police 13700 vehicles were stolen in the period from January to April that’s 10% lower than 2017.

To reduce the chance of your vehicle or other valuables stolen Bright Side conducted research and discovered some of the methods used by criminals. Understanding these methods will help ensure that you are protected and your family members from the pitfalls of this kind of crime.

1. A coin in a door handle

5 Theft Tricks You’d Better Know to Keep Your Car Safe

A most innovative strategies is to open the vehicle by the aid of a single coin. The thief places a coin in the door handle of the vehicle from the passenger’s side, since drivers aren’t likely to pay attention to this door when they’re on their own. Then, after the car’s driver shuts the car the keychain lock appears to work and make the right sound, however it’s likely that the lock’s central one will be blocked by the coin , and the car will remain unlocked. This is why it’s important to take time to look around the car prior to and after locking it.

2. The process of breaking in is done through the OBD port.

5 Theft Tricks You’d Better Know to Keep Your Car Safe
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In 1996 all vehicles are now fitted by OBD connectors. It is the means that provides access to the car’s computer that is used to perform diagnostics. Utilizing special equipment linked to the OBD it is possible to disable the alarm that is standard or open the doors. However, the key thing to remember is that ignition key’s input is able to be emulated by using the OBD.

One of the methods to secure your OBD port is to:

  • The port connector that is found on every car is common. If you alter its form or the arrangement of where the wires are positioned it will render the tools used by car thieves ineffective.

Naturally, to pull off such a trick the thief needs to gain entry into the vehicle However, this shouldn’t be an issue for an experienced professional.

3. A bottle that is empty

5 Theft Tricks You’d Better Know to Keep Your Car Safe

This kind of vehicle theft is typically carried out in a semi-empty parking lot. It’s a simple process:

  • The thief places a bottle between a tire as well as an fender of a car on the passenger’s side in order that the driver doesn’t see the bottle immediately. When the owner returns to the vehicle and starts moving it the bottle, he hears an ominous and terrifying sound coming emanating from the bottle.
  • In the event of this happening the driver is likely to take a break from the car to see what’s happened. This is that the theft takes place as drivers seldom switch off the engine to take keys and other valuables with them to inspect the wheel or discover the source of the sound.

Make sure you check the car prior to leaving the parking area and be aware.

4. “Cranky” alarm

This is usually done for cars that are stationed in a garden. The thieves throw items at the vehicle which won’t cause harm, however, they will trigger the alarm. The alarm will remain on until the driver becomes annoyed or neighbors begin complaining or begging for silence.

As if the alarm has failed and the owner of the car will decide to turn off the alarm, and that’s the moment that car thieves leap into the action. Even if they’re capable of stealing the vehicle but they’ll surely be happy to take a piece of it.

5. The bag of a woman

5 Theft Tricks You’d Better Know to Keep Your Car Safe

This is usually done at traffic signals as well as in places that are not crowded. It is normal that the majority of people carry a purse containing cash and other documents in the front seatand do not lock the doors while the vehicle is moving.

When that you pull up at a traffic signal and a thief appears to your vehicle, and takes the bag and opens the passenger’s door. Following that, everything is as per the plan of the thief — the driver gets out of the car and chases the culprit. This is when the car is stolen. If the theft victim’s hopes did not come true and the driver is left in the vehicle, it’s likely that the driver will be contacted in the future and offered their belongings in exchange for an amount.

Similar tactics are employed by beggars that appear harmless and approach drivers at traffic signals. They will try to force you to exit the vehicle, in order to allow their friends to take the car away or steal other valuable items.

Bonus The reason there is a ball in the middle of the windshield?

5 Theft Tricks You’d Better Know to Keep Your Car Safe
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It is not common for drivers to read the manual for their car in depth, but they will find the solution to this question in the manual. The ball is an electronic climate sensor for controlling temperature.

Based on the information the sensor sends to the computer in your car and the system for controlling the climate determines the fan’s operating mode. This is why each instruction manual advises you not to over- or obscure the sensor with objects. The ball serves an aesthetic purpose in vehicles that do not include air conditioning.

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