A Mom Who Saved Her Child in a Car Accident Shares 3 Things Every Parent Should Know

With so many car crashes taking place every single day and every day, the safety of our kids while driving is something that can’t be neglected. In the event that Rebecca Tafaro Boyer, from Tennessee was able to see that her son wasn’t properly secured in her car seat demanded her husband repair the harness. It was the key element in the accident they were into. The story of this mom’s daughter has proved that you should never be too careful regarding your child’s safety in the car

we were inspired by the lessons Rebecca gave other parents. We’re now looking to provide you with more information about how to properly adapt your child’s vehicle seat belt.

Mom’s “overprotective” need to repair the harness for her car saved her child right before an accident.

A Mom Who Saved Her Child in a Car Accident Shares 3 Things Every Parent Should Know
© Rebecca Tafaro Boyer / Facebook© Rebecca Tafaro Boyer / Facebook

Rebecca’s husband David along with their child, William prepared for their trip to another city. One of pictures taken by her husband, her mother was able to see that her son was not buckled properly into his vehicle seat. the straps for harness were loose as well as the clip on his chest placed in a way too far to the left. The mother demanded that the child put the straps on tighter and repair that chest clip.

Rebecca’s words arrived just in time15 minutes later, the spouse telephoned her and informed her that William and William were involved in an accident with a vehicle. Little William was secure and sound. He was so secure to his car seat that Little William didn’t even get up after the car crash occurred.

A car seat that is not properly adjusted harness can cause serious injuries in the event of a car crash.

A Mom Who Saved Her Child in a Car Accident Shares 3 Things Every Parent Should Know

As per car seat security experts Most parents don’t know how dangerous a badly adjusted harness can be, and they continue to put their children in the wrong position when they are in car seats. Uneven, loose or twisted straps the wrong position that the clip on their chest and the inability to alter the straps to the child’s size are just a few of the mistakes that parents continue to make.

Safety experts have developed harnessing strategies that can help you safely place your child in the car seat. You can be assured you know that the child in your car is in good hands.

Place the chest clip at the armpit of your child’s.

A Mom Who Saved Her Child in a Car Accident Shares 3 Things Every Parent Should Know

The purpose with the use of a chest strap is hold the straps of your harness where they belong in the event of an accident, and ensure that your child is in the right place.

  • The best location to clip a chestis at the armpit of the child’s at the armpit.
  • When the clips are positioned too low, it can cause too much pressure to the soft areas in the body.
  • When the clips are too high (like close to the chin) it may cause injury to the neck or throat of the child.

Be sure that the harness straps don’t get twisting.

A Mom Who Saved Her Child in a Car Accident Shares 3 Things Every Parent Should Know

Twisted straps can be able to bind to locks of car seats. They could also create a false impression of tightening the straps however, they aren’t. Twisted straps also put more pressure on the body of your child, causing the force of the crash.

  • Be sure that all straps are straight and level.
  • Slide twisting straps through a buckle or chest clip to get them straight.

Make sure the straps are tightened properly and ensure they’re even.

A Mom Who Saved Her Child in a Car Accident Shares 3 Things Every Parent Should Know

In the event that the buckles on the harness become unsecure, the baby could be able to move from the shell in event of a car crash or may even be thrown completely out of the car.

  • A strap is secure enough that you are unable to put the strap between fingers within the space of your child’s shoulders.
  • Be sure your straps have been equally tightened. Otherwise, the force of the collision is not evenly distributed, thereby increasing the chance of injury.
  • Make sure to put the clip for your chest on the armpit when you adjust the straps.

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