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how long will it take to charge an electric car

Having an electric car means that you have to know a couple of things when owning this kind of cars, they are very similar to a mobile phone, you let it  charge overnight to use it at day, we conducted a research to help spreading knowledge about How much time it takes to charge this kind of cars ?.

The time that takes  to charge this kind of a car  can be a minimum of thirty minutes or maximum  of twelve hours. the size of the battery and the speed of the charging point are the factors that control this process.

A normal  electric car (60kWh battery)  can take takes under 8 hours to an empty to full charge with a 7kW charging capacity.

The majority of electric car owners head  the charge of waiting their battery to fully charge.

For a lot of such cars , you can also boost your car  up to 100 miles in 35 minutes with a 50kW rapid charger.

The bigger the car is and the slower the charging point is,the longer it takes you to fully charge your vehicle.

How long is the top up charge?

Most electric car users  charge their cars wherever they a chance to do so, left at  home overnight or during a stop at the supermarket to shop, during workout  or at work. This is known as  a top up charging.

Instead of letting the battery run empty and waiting while it fully recharges, drivers use any opportunity to charge it when its just parked over there (which is nearly all of their time) to keep the battery topped up. Public and workplace charging points usualy  stand between  7kW to 22kW, making them perfect for this kind of charge .

Using both of the  daytime charging and the  overnight is a very effective way  to keep your vehicle charged properly  and ready to hit the road.

Its not  about how long it takes to charge from empty-to-full for their users . It’s knowing  how many miles they can drive  when they have a fully charged car.

How many miles  per hour of charging can you drive?

Its very essential for you to know how many miles  you can  drive with your electric car during the time your vehicle is charging ,so you have the ability to know  you can get to your next destination.

Range per hour logically depends on how your car batteries are . the smallest full  battery electric cars are the most effective  and aquire  about  30 miles of range per hour charging at 7kW.

full battery electric cars  are heavier and get  about 20 miles of range per hour at 7kW.

How much effective  a car is also related to the environnemment and the temperature , This means electric cars are more efficient in winter a little bit  more than in summer).

Factors that has a relation to the  charging time

There are 4 major factors that has a relation to  how long will it take to charge your electric car

Your car’s battery size : The bigger you’re the  battery’s  capacity is , the longer it will take to charge.

Battery percentage  (empty or  full): If you are going to empty to full charge your car , it will take longer to charge than if you are battery is  up than  50%.

An electric car’s max charging rate : You can only charge a car’s battery at full rate  the vehicle can accept.

Max charging rate of charge point: how long  it takes to charge your car  will be limited by the max charging rate of the charging point used. even though , if it has the ability to charge  at 11kW, it will only charge at 7kW on a 7kW charging point. Take in consideration that In a cold day, bringing both of the cabin space and battery  up to temperature takes energy that not has been used to use  your  electric vehicle . If your  car heats normally  then cools down after short drives , you are actually  consuming  more energy and reducing your range . it means that’s a good idea to do. On longer drives  the effects of cold weather are less taken into consideration  , but  still noticeable.

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