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How much time is required to charge an Electric car

Having an electric car means you have to know a few things if you have this type of car, very similar to a cell phone, allow it to charge at night for use during the day. Do research to help disseminate information about How long does it take to charge this type of car?

The charging time of this type of vehicle may be a minimum of 30 minutes or a maximum of 12 hours. battery size and charging point speed are factors that control this process.A standard electric car (60kWh battery) can take less than 8 hours to fully charge with 7kW of power.Most electric car owners are paying to wait for their battery to fully charge.In many such vehicles, you can also increase your car to 100 miles in 35 minutes with a 50kW fast charger.

If the car is large and the charging point is slow, it takes a long time to fully charge your car.

How much is the billing fee? :

Most electric motorists charge their cars wherever they have the opportunity to do so, being left at home at night or at a store stop to shop, during exercise or at work. This is known as high charging.

Instead of letting the battery run out and wait while it is fully charged, drivers use every opportunity to charge it when you have just parked it (which is all their time) to keep the battery up. Public charging stations and workplaces typically stand between 7kW to 22kW, making them ideal for this type of charging. Using both day and night charging is the most effective way to keep your car properly charged and ready to go on the road.

It’s not about how long it takes to charge from empty to full for their users. Knowing how many miles they can travel if they have a full car.

How many miles per hour can you drive? :

It is very important for you to know how many miles you can drive with your electric car while your car is charging, so that you can know if you can get to your next destination.

The distance per hour reasonably depends on the quality of the batteries in your car. electric vehicles full of the smallest battery are very efficient and take about 30 kilometers per hour charging 7kW.

Electric vehicles full of batteries are heavier and reach a distance of 20 km per hour at 7kW.

How well a working car is related to location and temperature, This means that electric cars work better in winter a little more than in summer).

Charging time changes! :

There are 4 major features related to how long it will take to charge your electric car :

  1. Battery size of your car: The larger the battery capacity, the longer it will take to charge.
  2. Battery Percentage (empty or full): If you are going to drain to refill your car, it will take longer to charge than if your battery is over 50%.
  3. High power car charging rate: You can only charge a car battery at the full capacity of the car that can accommodate you.
  4. High point charging point: how long it takes to charge your car will be determined by the maximum charging point of the charging point used. however, if it has a charging capacity of 11kW, it will only charge at 7kW at a 7kW charging station. Consider that on a cold day, bringing both room and battery to a minimum takes up less energy than you used on your electric car. If your car is normally hot and cools down after a short drive, you are actually consuming more energy and reducing your range. it means that it is a good idea to do it. When driving for a long time the effects of cold weather are not so great, but they are still visible.
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